Previous Projects


Les Portes de l'Abandon Butoh performance with Sound Sculptures
Théâtre Oriental, Vevey, Switzerland, October 2005. (more)
Sound Rose Interactive Audiovisual Installation
Casa Paganini, Genoa, Italy, July 2005. (more)

Big-Bang (short version)
& Fleurs de Ruine


Dance performances & Interactive Sound Installation
Nishijin Factory Garden, Kyoto, Japan, October 2004. (more)

Dance of Stone

Dance performance showed during ISEA2002 at Nagoya, Japan.

Music and artistic direction: Teruyoshi Kamiya.
Performers: Hiroko Maejima, Miyuki Warabiuchi, Alain Guisan.




(Collaboration with NODA)

Drops is a sound installation in the underground of an art gallery in Madrid. Two sound sculptures are put in vibration by some drops of water falling naturally from the ceiling. In a second room, the sound is injected in a big metallic container that becomes a huge loudspeaker where people can sit inside and feel the vibrations.



(Collaboration with NODA)

Installation - performance combining dance, sculpture and sound art in the context of new technologies. (See the Video .wmv)

Performers: Alain Guisan, Loreto San Juan.




Oriane - A walk towards reality - is a short story that proposes a futuristic vision of our humanity and a reflection about its global evolution. Synopsis - Go to story - Printable version (.pdf 396Kb)


The Cup of Life

Installation - Performance with a sound sculpture.
Performed with Jordi Minguella.


Parallel Traveling

Abstract of the sound track for a video-performance called:
"A momentary lapse of freedom" (4'300 Kb .mp3)