Fleurs de Ruines &

Big-Bang (short version)

Dance performances & Interactive Sound Installation

Nishijin Factory Garden, Kyoto, Japan, October 2004

Artistic Direction, Music and Sound Installation:Alain Guisan
Choreography and Performance: Miyuki Warabiuchi (Fleurs de Ruines)
Alain Guisan (Big-Bang)
Lighting Design: Genta Iwamura
Technical Assistant: Gen Kori
Costumes: Miyabi Akiyama / Alain Guisan, Simona Viviani

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Listen to the sound objects of the interactive installation:

Object 1 (.mp3_783Ko), (.wma_402Ko)

Object 2 (.mp3_736Ko), (.wma_375Ko)

Object 3 (.mp3_889Ko), (.wma_452Ko)

Object 4 (.mp3_736Ko), (.wma_373Ko)


Listen to a sound demo from the Big-Bang performance (4min29s):

BigBangDemo (.mp3_4.10Mo), (.wma_2.07Mo)


Some comments from the audience about the work:

"I like the atmosphere that got created in the space. The sound installation is very interesting and gives a lot to play for the audience."

"Space, sound, lighting and dance performance became ONE! Very impressive, a real collaboration."

"The experience in the installation greatly increased my awareness of sound."

"Great lighting and mix of time/sound/space."

"The staging is fantastic and the liturgy of the performance appropriate. Lighting and sound effects are very wise. The interpretation is brilliant."

"Miyuki's dance was beautiful in the depth. Interesting sounds, space and moments."


This project has been realized with the support of:

Special thanks to Sachiyo, Masuda, Puma, Hiroko and Takamura for their precious help in organizing the event.

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