Sound Rose

Interactive Audiovisual Installation

Casa Paganini , Genoa, Italy, July 2005

Conception and realisation: Alain Guisan, Sei Matsumura

Interactive System: Arnaud Guichard


Virtual roses projected on a wooden table are waiting for the audience to give them life and make them dancing with music created on the fly. This installation is an invitation do discover the inner vibration of matter with the sense of touch, and shows how a daily object, such as a table, can be transformed into a musical and visual instrument by using the sound produced when touching and interacting with it.

See the video (.wmv 6.8Mb)


Technical note:

This installation consists of a touch sensitive table with images projected from the ceiling. When users tap on the table, rose-like graphics are displayed at the point of contact and the raw sound created by the impact is processed in real-time in order to produce more elaborated sounds. Parameters such as the force of impact is controlling the size of the roses. Different sounds and graphical behaviour can be selected by taping on visual buttons at the four corners of the table. Both impact positions and sounds are recorded in loops, allowing the users to create complex visual and sonic patterns. Another button at the bottom of the table allows to erase the loops. The table is made sensitive thanks to acoustic sensing technologies developed in the context of the European project of research TAI-CHI (Tangible Acoustic Interfaces for Computer-Human Interaction).

This project has been realized with the support of:

TAI-CHI project


Special thanks to Miyuki Warabiuchi for filming and to Antonio Camurri for his support in organizing the event.

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