Oriane - A walk towards Reality - is a short story that proposes a futuristic vision of our humanity and a reflection about its global evolution.


The story takes place in year 2153. The development of technology and in particularly of the Web, Cyberspace and artificial life has converged into the construction of a huge living structure called "The Plant" where people are living physically and virtually. This organic structure, apart from providing energy, food and protection to the inhabitants, is also a huge artificial brain that forms an infinite virtual space, the consciousness of the Plant and the reality of this new civilization. People call it the Space, a world without time and distance in which they are living almost all day through an avatar connected with a brain interface.

Jonathan and Oriane are living together in the Space since many years but they never met physically! They don't even know where the other one is and only the Plant could tell them how to locate each other within its infinite labyrinth of stems. However, they refuse this dependence and one day they decide to disconnect from the Space to reconnect in the real world. To find the hidden path that leads to the other they will have to discover the deep meaning of evolution...

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