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-- 18 19 20 octubre 2001 :: mercat de les flors :: barcelona --


NODA + b-polar:  Interface

Thursday 18th. y Saturday 20th. of October at 18h30.

Installation - performance combining Buto dance, sculpture and sound art in the context of new technologies.

Performers: Alain Guisan, Loreto San Juan.

Interface is firstly an interface between movement and sound, like space and matter that participate to the interaction between those two dimensions. It is also an interface that establish an ambiguous relationship between a human being and a computer. The duality between the machine and the instrument is set up in this dialogue. Is technology becoming alive and humanized like a mirror of ourselves, or a powerful tool that helps realizing the own nature of man, as a genuine interface between various dimensions?

First prototype of Interface realized during the workshop "Interactive Sessions"


See the video (Windows Media Video .wmv 6Mb)

See the photo galery

Download sound demo (mp3, 7.5Mb)

The sound has no definitive form. It is shaped by the gestures of the dancer!

NODA (www.multimania.com/noda) - interactive culture and technology - is a multidisciplinary collective of artists with a residency in Hangar (production center for visual and multimedia art in Barcelona). NODA regularly organizes public events to share and spread experiences, like the workshop " Interactive Sessions " organized in September within MADE IN HANGAR, as part of the "Barcelona Art Report- Experiències 2001".

b-polar (www.b-polar.com) is a creative platform aimed for a multidisciplinary collaboration between various artists and collectives. b-polar explores the fusion between art and technology as a way to consider the use of technology in our society. Without excluding a potentially chaotic vision of this fusion, b-polar prefers a more poetic and spiritual approach, convinced that the technology might be a unique tool to convey a message of love and participate to the construction of a more free and conscious world.

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