Sound Installation

Gallery Carmen de la Guerra, Madrid, August 2001

The first room in the underground of the gallery


Water is falling from the ceiling over two sculptures...


...made of thin brass and mounted with contact microphones...


...to pick up the vibration created by the drops of water.


A narrow corridor is leading to a second room...


...where a huge container is sonified with severall transducers,
which are
driven by the sound of the above sculptures.


People could lie down and feel the vibration of the container in their body,
getting the astonishing sensation that a water fall was hitting the container,
or that they were travelling inside the structure of the brass sculptures.

This installation has been done in collaboration
with NODA, Interactive Culture, Barcelona.

Special thanks to Maurice from Invisible-Stereo for his advice on how to use the transducers, and to Sono, Barcelona, for lending most of the audio equipment.

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