A walk towards Reality

By Alain Guisan, July 2000




Chapter 1. A letter to somewhere


Somewhere in the Plant, the 11th of August 2153



My Love, where are you? Walking along the endless stems of the Plant, lost, like me? Every day I'm covering kilometres and kilometres in that labyrinth, steering at each corner, filled with your image in my mind and hoping to see you turning out at any moment...

Last night I dreamed of our meeting again. I was touching your hand. YOUR hand! The only one I want to touch anymore. Your skin was so soft, so tender, so real. At last I could feel it, smell it, kiss it for good. At last I could explore the infinite presence of your body...

When is the last time we saw each other in the Space? One month, two months ago? Days are so similar out of the Space. Every day this endless corridor and every night another cell, identical to the last one, anonymous, impersonal, empty.

So many times I wanted to connect again, thinking that you might be doing so. How crazy have we been! We could have located each other before and we would be already together today! Or at least we could have got some information, some indications...

Well, that was our choice, the supreme decision, the one that was going to show the power of our Love: disconnect from the Space to reconnect in the world. That was our sentence! How many times did we repeat it? I remember when you first got the idea. At that time I thought you were joking. Now for sure it's not a joke anymore and the reality of it appears even harder than we were expecting. The question is still wide open and the answer as empty as I miss you: HOW ???

How to reconnect ourselves? How to find the link, the path that leads to the other without depending on the Space? We know it is possible, we believe that we can do it, otherwise, we wouldn't be doing this crazy challenge. I trust you, I trust me, I trust our Love. For so long we have had this growing intuition that another way exists to find ourselves. But I feel lost. So many years spent in the Space, so many years spent to fill its consciousness with our experiences. But what do we know about consciousness? What do we know about the world? What do we know about reality? Not the "Virtual Reality" how they used to call it in the past, but the Reality, with the big "R". Sure, the Space is part of it but there must be another part, invisible, where we can find the answer...

Oriane, I needed to talk to you. And look! That's what I'm doing! I found this piece of paper and I started to write to you. Yes, a letter with a real pencil! But, I tell you, it's bloody difficult. I'm thinking of the movements, like I used to do in the Space, but my hand is hesitating and merely responding. My progression is very slow but that doesn't matter. As I'm going along I feel you closer and closer. I'm wondering. Do you think this is an open door to the connection we are searching for?

What an irony! I'm writing a letter to you and post offices don't exist any more. Moreover I don't even know where to send it! But I don't care. I'm talking to you and that's the main thing. I feel that my words are going somewhere by themselves. By some mysterious force they find the hidden path that leads to you.

And you, do you hear them?

Do you feel in some indefinite form that I'm talking to you?

* * *


Jonathan stopped to write. He leaned back in his chair and started to meditate on that last sentence.