Au-dessus de l'Aurore (Above the Dawn)


Stage Installation, Butoh dance and Sound performance

Miyuki Warabiuchi / B-polar

(2006 Creation - 30min.)

Creation and performance: Miyuki Warabiuchi
Sound performance: Alain Guisan
Plastic artist: Carola Bürgi

Production: Cie B-polar

Premiere : Festival Trasform'azoni, Théâtre Furio Camillo, Rome, April 2006

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The performance
Standing up and walking. A commonplace for most of us, used to repeat those gestures everyday. However, how many millions years did the evolution need to overcome the improbability of existence and fight over gravity to achieve this ordinary vertical posture? In reality, the whole wonder of life is hidden behind those daily life gestures. This is what Miyuki Warabiuchi tented to catch in this new performance, pursuing the quest of the B-polar company towards the essence of life and being. Following this, standing and walking is not anymore a commonplace. The emotion radiated by the dancer moving slowly on stage makes it an extraordinary gesture, whose intensity and strength transports us in another dimension, like at the dawn of the very first day.




(c) Cie-B-polar