The Company

Founded in Barcelona but recently established in Geneva, the B-polar company results, in its current form, from the encounter between the Japanese Butoh dancer Miyuki Warabiuchi and the Swiss sound artist Alain Guisan. The former explores the depth of movement, while the later investigates the depth of sound. Two parallel paths closely conversing during their performance and looking for the same source, a place close to our soul where time and distance are vanishing. To achieve this, the members of the company favour a radical approach. "Our Butoh underlies the sacrifice of the dancer, in order for her or for him to let all the inside depth spring out. Everything superfluous must be striped off to reach a state of self-abnegation, where body and being become totally transparent."

- Une main dans le Néant, Miyuki Warabiuchi, 2008
- Jour et nuit, Miyuki Warabiuchi, 2008
- Au-dessus de l'Aurore, Miyuki Warabiuchi, 2006
- Les Portes de l'Abandon, Alain Guisan, 2005
- Fleurs de Ruines, Miyuki Warabiuchi, 2004
- Big Bang (short version), Alain Guisan, 2004
- Interface, Alain Guisan, 2001
- A Momentary Lapse of Freedom, Alain Guisan, 2000